Welcome to Sleepless SOLs

Sleepless SOLs is a collection of 1,333 SOLs reviving themselves on the Solana blockchain.

Sleepless SOLs

About the Sleepless

Cursed to wander around in Limbo, the Sleepless SOLs have been endlessly searching for a way out. Sleep has been a distant thought, as time moves in mysterious ways in this land. But one thing is for sure, the SOLs will not give up. On 1/11, the Sleepless get another chance at life, as the door back into the Overworld opens up.

Sleepless SOLs


25% SOLD

A night of celebratory Duck Races will be held! (Join the server to learn what those are, but winners of these races get NFts and SOL)

50% SOLD

6 lucky minters will find that an extra Sleepless SOL snuck into their wallet!

75% SOLD

SOL Giveaways begin for holders, with a total of 5 SOL being up for winning! Each Sleepless you own will be one ticket into the giveaway raffles.

100% SOLD

We are sold out! Secondary market listings on MagicEden begin, airdrops to previous Soul owners happen, and the DAO opens up for holders to decide where the future of the project will move towards.


Where is the mint happening?

Right here on the website in the ‘Mint’ section.

When is mint?

Minting has sold out! You can find us on MagicEden and Solsea

How much is mint?

Mint will be 0.25 Sol.